I'm starting my second year at MIT

❓ About

I'm a sophomore at MIT majoring in the recently proposed Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making major. I feel I have a solid foundation in application engineering and I'm now interested in learning more about applied machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Relevant completed coursework:

Algorithms, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Neuroscience, Calculus II, Linear Algebra, Public Policy, Probability and Random Variables, Formal Logic, Number Theory, Functional Programs and Computer Organization.

🔥 Passions

  • AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning

  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrencies

  • User Interface/User Experience

  • Open Source Software

  • Robotics

  • Math

  • Piano

⏱ Availability

During the semester: Limited availability between classes and extracurriculars (ultimate frisbee, AIM labs, teaching assistant, starting a club), but I'm always happy to chat.

Winter break: Quite available. I'll be working on personal projects.

🌟 Origin Story

I started web development in second grade when I was nine years old. In fifth grade, I stayed up for three days straight and began learning JavaScript entirely from StackOverflow answers. I loved the challenge – I'd built twelve apps before taking my first computer science course.

I competed on two competitive robotics teams during high school and was nominated as a FIRST Tech Challenge Dean's List Semi-finalist. I'm constantly working on one app or another, and enjoy learning about new technologies to improve my apps.

I've had the opportunity to participate in five software engineering internships prior to college that have included working in team settings that have used agile development and speaking about my work in front of live audiences at developer conferences.

😄 Pronouns


Last updated September 23, 2022.