i’m jacob

I like making apps that improve lives

I’m a primarily self-taught software engineer who started programming in second grade.

I’ve worked on over 30 personal and professional projects including web-based developer dashboards, native mobile applications, desktop applications, sound-based data transmission libraries, cryptographic protocols, and interactive history projects.

High School iOS Application

A SwiftUI application designed during my junior year of high school. The application displays student schedules, messages, and assignments – retrieved directly from the school’s website.

Prototyped in Adobe XD and written in Swift.

ChRIS Store Web App

ChRIS is an open source framework that utilizes cloud technologies to democratize medical analytics application development. The ChRIS Store is a store for all the ChRIS plugins and a place for developers to publish their own.

Built with React and tested with Jest and Travis.

MetFern Cemetery Website

A Next.js website that houses hundreds of biographies of mistreated individuals from multiple Massachusetts disability institutions. The website provides information regarding the cemetery itself, and helps to reach affected families and honor their relatives’ memories.

Features an interactive burial map and tested to be fully accessible with screen readers and keyboard navigation.