U.S. News College Scraper

February 2019

MIT Building Cover Image

Deciding where to apply to college nowadays takes a lot of research. Like a lot.

In an attempt to decrease the number of college applications I had to write, I began compiling a spreadsheet of relevant statistics of colleges that interested me. I would navigate to a college's page on U.S. News, look at four or so data points on each page, and record them into my spreadsheet.

But about a quarter of the way into recording facts and numbers of faraway institutions into my trusty spreadsheet, I had a pivotal realization: I could use code to automate the whole process AND manage to procrastinate from the college process at the same time. It was great.

Preview of the command line interface

An hour and a half later, the program was complete. Could I have entered the statistics by hand and saved like forty minutes of work? Maybe. But I still see it as a successful project. After all, it managed to keep my mind off the stress of the college process for a few hours, and I see that as a win.

Take a look at the code here.